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PhytoKran is not simply another cranberry pill. What makes PhytoKran different is our effort to pack a high level of PACs(Proanthocyanidins) into a single capsule. Most cranberry pills use an unstandardized concentrate or a cranberry extract standardized to 1.5% Proanthocyanidins. Our cranberry extract standardized to 60% Proanthocyanidins. No, that’s not a typo. Our cranberry extract alone contains 40 times more PACs than most other cranberry pills on the market. We then combine our cranberry extract with our grape seed extract that is standardized to 95% PACs. With PhytoKran’s blend of cranberry extract and grape seed extract, one capsule is equivalent to about 16 glasses of cranberry juice.

Why Phytokran?


Standardized at 60% Proanthocyanidins, PhytoKran's cranberry extract packs a serious punch of antioxidant power. You can learn more about the benefits of cranberries at The Cranberry Institute.

16 Glasses

16 Glasses... That is how many glasses of a leading cranberry juice you would need to drink to consume the same amount of Proanthocyanidins found in just a single PhytoKran capsule.


How do we enhance our already superior cranberry extract? Combine it with a Grape Seed Extract that is standardized at a whopping 95% Proanthocyanidins.


One Bottle

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“I don’t eat healthy, but with PhytoKran, I felt like it was doing something to help it. I took the pills everyday with food and had no side effects. They have helped me with my kidney problems too.” – Johanna M.