Our company, Natural Subsistence LLC, manufactures PhytoKran locally in Wadsworth, Ohio. All of our employees savor the changing of seasons, especially when fall arrives. In northeast Ohio, we have the most beautiful foliage, crisp air, and festivities to celebrate fall.

Here is what our employees love about fall:

“I love the changing of colors outside. During the fall season is when I become oriented with my friends and family more. I also like a cup of hot coffee on a cold day and the cooler temperatures is nice too.” -Josh

“Fall is the best for family time and for everyone to come together. Especially at Thanksgiving.” -Greg

“I’m a summer kind of guy. The falling leaves are okay.” -Gene

“I love the nice cool weather.” -Anson

“Football.” -Matt

“The best part about fall is taking the scenic route whenever you can. It gives you the opportunity to take in nature and enjoy everything around you: the leaves falling from the trees, cute boots, sweaters, and real pumpkin!”-Holly

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

“Reese’s cups” -Josh

“Anything, really!” -Greg

“Little Hershey’s bar and crunchy chocolate kisses.” -Gene

“Reese’s cup.” -Anson

“Almond Joy.” -Matt

“Milky Way” -Holly

What was your first Halloween costume?

“I don’t remember.”-Gene

“Humpty Dumpty.” -Anson

“A pumpkin.” -Matt

“I was also a pumpkin…So much stuffing!!” -Holly

We would love to hear from you!! Tell us, what do you enjoy most about fall?

Or are you over fall and ready for the winter holidays??





















#tbt Our dietitian, Holly, and her little brother Andy. Circa 1992.