Tomorrow is Friday, which is pay day for some of you! If you have some extra pocket money or extra $50 to spend, here are some ideas to what I would spend it on. What would you spend your extra $$ on?

  1. Pick up a bottle of wine. Whether if you drink red or white wine, there are some high dollar wines. Make it a special occasion with a friend or beaux.
  2. Shop from a local business. Support your community and spend local. There are cute boutiques where I live with great clearance deals. Check out what they have to offer.
  3. Take the kids to see a movie. There are some fun, cartoony movies out now. Make it a fun, memorable night together. If you don’t have kids, get your girlfriends to go out and see a bad movie or chick flick!
  4. Shop from a friend. I have a friends who sell Arbonne, Pampered Chef, Avon, Lue La Roe, and Jamberry products. If you have any friends who are consultants for a company, buy something for yourself. It’s okay to feel pampered!
  5. Pamper your pet. If your cat or dogs are anything like mine, they love treats and extra pets! I don’t have any kids, so my cat and dog are like my kids! Take your dog or cat to the pet store, have them pick out treats.
  6. Adopt a pet from the shelter. Let’s Clear the Shelter event is happening on July 23rd this year. Participating shelters will reduce the adoption fees to help animals find their furrever homes!
  7. Get your oil changed. Fine…okay. It’s a chore, but needs to be done.
  8. Enroll in a weekly dinner box subscription. This may vary on the cost depending on the company. Hello Fresh boxes are a little more expensive when compared to Blue Apron (estimated $60/week for a 2 person plan)
  9. Donate it or a portion of it. You rock if you decide to donate it to a cause that is important to you! There are so many charities out there, choose one that will utilize the funds appropriately.
  10. Save the elephants. Check out cute products from Elephant Pants and Ivory Ella. These companies donate a portion of their sales to saving the elephants.
  11. Get new threads. I personally like shopping at thrift stores, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s. I love a good deal. $50 could get you a few cute summer outfits!
  12. Buy concert tickets. Enjoy the outdoors this summer, get tickets to some of your favorite bands.
  13. Shop around on Groupon. I have gotten so many deals on Groupon. I’ve bought so many things on Groupon: haircut/highlights, leggings, and baby shower supplies for my sister in-law. Bottom line is Groupon saved me a TON of money!
  14. Send flowers. Make someones day by sending them flowers, chocolate, or chocolate covered fruit.
  15. Schedule a salon appointment. New hair, new you!
  16. Join a Gym. Depending on the season, you can score great deals on a gym membership.
  17. Get new pillows. Do you remember the last time you bought new pillows for your bed or sofa?
  18. Get new bath towels. Alike the pillows, when was the last time you bought new bath towels?
  19. Buy some new, sexy underwear. Every girl loves a semi-annual sale at their local Victoria Secret store, right?
  20. Register for a 5K. I recently signed up for the Columbus Hot Chocolate 5K race. There are fun fall races coming up in the next few months. I’ve seen on Facebook, pumpkin runs and hard cider runs
  21. Buy a few books. Books can be expensive if they are a newly released. Save more money by downloading them on a Kindle or Ibooks.
  22. Stock up on Summer Clearance Items. Sadly, summer will be coming to an end in the next few months. Get some great outdoor, summer clearance deals while they last!
  23. Buy school supplies. Students will be starting a new school year pretty soon. Whether you’re have kids or starting college, stocking up early helps when having to pay for other school related expenses later on.
  24. Buy a few Holiday gifts. The holidays will be here before you know it! Shopping early for the holidays will save you time standing in long lines later.
  25. Get your tires rotated. If you’ve been putting off changing your oil on your car, you likely need your tires rotated too.
  26. Go Bowling. Bowling is not nearly as popular now as it was years ago, but it’s just as fun! You could even start planning a bowling league for the fall.
  27. Enroll in a magazine subscription. Find a magazine on an interest you would like to read about. Or if you already have a magazine subscription, renew it now while you have the extra cash.
  28. Buy canned goods for a food drive. Food drives are common around Thanksgiving and winter holidays. However, people in our communities struggle everyday with hunger, even in the summer time. Donate non-perishable foods to your local food pantry.
  29. Get a massage. Even if it’s only for 30 minutes, it will give you time to relax and clear your mind.
  30. Paint a picture. Drinking wine and painting on canvas is a popular trend. If you never have done it, now is your time to show everyone how artistic you are!
  31. Get a manicure or pedicure. Need I say more?
  32. Gamble. Double, triple, or quadruple your $50 by hitting up your local casino or lottery booth if your lucky!
  33. Get a new tat or piercing. I personally would never get a tattoo or anything but my ears pierced. You my friend are braver than me! Go for it!
  34. Go to the county fair. Few times a year I splurge on fried veggies. The food prices have gone up at the fair, but you could have some fun with $50 if you are into demo derby races or tractor pulls.
  35. Buy a new bra (or 2). You and your girls will be much happier and comfortable!
  36. Learn a new language. I am learning to speak Italian. You can find great bargains on Amazon on language learning bundles including audio CDs, workbooks, and free online quizzes. I really like the Living Language brand bundles.
  37. Fill up your gas tank. Take a one tank trip with your friends or family to a place you’ve never been. Go camping or hiking somewhere new.
  38. Pay a billAdulting is not fun. Get ahead on bills while you can.
  39. Deposit into your savings. Save your $50 for a rainy day.
  40. Invest. Buy stock into a company you are passionate about. It could literally pay off in the long run.
  41. Donate Diapers. Donate diapers to a local diaper bank. Check out to locate a diaper bank near you.
  42. Get organized. Get a few totes to organize your things. Save more money by using coupons!
  43. Invest in a First Aid Kit for your home. You never know when you will need it (hopefully never!)
  44. Join a wholesale store. Buy in bulk for a better price
  45. Start a GoFundMe Account. Be the first person to donate $50 to your cause.
  46. Get some board games. Remember playing Monopoly, Connect Four, Guess Who, and Trouble while you were growing up? Playing board games is a new trend among Millennials. Host a BYOB night to play board games.
  47. Buy new makeup. Keep your makeup stash sanitary by replacing it usually after 2-3 months after opening it.
  48. Start a Vacation Fund. Setting extra money aside year round will help make your dream vacations a reality.
  49. Get Crafty! $50 dollars can go a long way at the craft store! Make a wreath, scrapbook, homemade cards, or a gift for someone.
  50. Make it RAIN. Blast Ed Sheehan, or Fat Joe Featuring Little Wayne’s “Make it Rain” Go to the bank to get $50 in singles and make it rain in your living room! You only live once, right??


50 Ways to Spend 50 Dollars