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Tag - breakfast

Sweet Potato: The New Toast?

Sweet potatoes are a staple at the Thanksgiving dinner table and are typically prepared as a casserole dish topped with marshmallows or nuts. If you want a twist on your typical breakfast, try eating sweet potatoes toast. The Sweet Perks Sweet potatoes are exploding with nutrition! Here’s what we know: They have a TON of Vitamin A (roughly 377% RDA per cup) They are a good source of fiber (4 grams/cup) They contain less potassium than a regular white potato (448mg/cup)…

Doing This Will Help You Be More Productive at Work

The phone rings, it’s your boss wondering why you having gotten his paperwork to him before the deadline. Your work e-mail alerts are going off. Your personal phone is vibrating from a group text message. Moments later, here comes Bill around the corner inside your office talking about a rash on his foot and how his in-laws are driving up from Florida to visit for the week. Keeping sane, positive, motivated, and calm at work sometimes seems impossible…Especially on a Monday or in…

4 Energy Boosting Foods & Tips

Hello Everyone! I know one thing most of us have in common is needing more energy throughout the day. Old tricks of “spiking energy” levels in the body by eating sugary foods like candy or drinking caffeinated beverages can drag you down. Try out these tips and foods instead.   Avoid drinking more coffee when your tired. Coffee does have antioxidant benefits when drunk black. Coffee can help you wake up and start the day, but when coffee is drunk in excessive…