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Tag - chocolate

Get to know us: What we LOVE about FALL!

Our company, Natural Subsistence LLC, manufactures PhytoKran locally in Wadsworth, Ohio. All of our employees savor the changing of seasons, especially when fall arrives. In northeast Ohio, we have the most beautiful foliage, crisp air, and festivities to celebrate fall. Here is what our employees love about fall: “I love the changing of colors outside. During the fall season is when I become oriented with my friends and family more. I also like a cup of hot coffee on a cold day…

Snacking Simplified: 40 Guilt Free Snacks!

Snacking is inevitable. We eat when we are hungry, eat when we are bored, or because food is just there. Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing or avoided when the right foods are in your reach. These snack ideas are packed with so many nutrients and antioxidants! Most are gluten free and can easily be accommodated to any plant based diet. Here are 40 guilt free snacks for your enjoyment. Please modify these snacks to fit your diet…

Random Friday Thoughts 12-11-15

Hello Ladies, I’m here to add a little randomness to your Friday just for fun   Christmas is only 2 more Fridays away!  As you can see my dog is eagerly awaiting Santa Claus. This is his first Christmas at our house since we rescued him. Chickie is definitely on Santa’s “Nice List” this year                     I found the best chocolate covered pretzel recipe! I love salty-sweet baking recipes. This year, I’m trying…