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How do we compare?

PhytoKran is the only product available that contains a MEGA standardization of a super antioxidant called, proanthrocyanidins (PACs) derived from cranberry and grape seed extract. The ingredients which compound PhytoKran synergistically work to protect and defend more than just your urinary health. PhytoKran contains 32 times more cranberry PACs per one capsule plus an extra 70 mg of grape seed extract, giving you more PACs per serving when compared to Brand A and Brand B! Plus, the capsules used to manufacture PhytoKran are vegetarian and vegan friendly! PhytoKran capsules are made of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), which is an alternative to animal gelatin.

Brand A

Brand A Comparison
  • 20 bottles of Brand A is necessary to be equivalent to the potency of one bottle of PhytoKran!
  • Brand A contains one ingredient, which is, 500 mg of cranberry per serving intended for urinary health purposes
  • The cranberry used has been standardized to contain a very little amount of PACs when compared to PhytoKran, amounting to only a standardization of 1.5% PACs per serving
  • Contains gelatin from bovine source, which is not vegetarian or vegan friendly

Brand B

Brand B Comparison
  • 48 packages of Brand B is required to be equivalent to the potency of one bottle of PhytoKran!
  • Brand B is considered to be a proprietary blend containing: 60 mg of Vitamin C, 110 mg of calcium, 500 mg of PACRAN®, and 30 mg bacillus coagulans. There are also 12 other ingredients including mostly food coloring agents and other food additives
  • PACRAN® Natural Cranberry Powder consists of a standardization of 1.5% PACs per 500 mg serving.
  • Contains egg, not vegan friendly. May not be vegetarian friendly depending on personal food preferences.

110% Moneyback Guarantee

PhytoKran believes in protecting the body you love, naturally! If you feel that PhytoKran is not giving 110% in this belief, you are covered by a 45 day 110% moneyback guarantee. Simply, send us the remaining contents to our return address and once we receive it, a refund of 110% the purchase price will be refunded. This is PhytoKran’s way of always putting the customer first.

PACRAN is a registered trademark of NATUREX-DBS LLC.