If your dieting to lose weight…you’re not alone. If you’ve been on track with your diet and exercise, there’s nothing wrong with having a “cheat meal” once or twice per week. The variance in calories can help you lose more weight in the long run while keeping you sane. Life is too short to count calories and skip meals!

Your Weight Loss Plan and How Your Body Interprets it

Life keeps us busy and gives us curve balls. We all have emotions and get stressed out! Our bodies still has primal needs to get energy from the food we eat in the form of calories. Often what dieting means to most people is depriving yourself 24/7 from foods you love to eat or measuring out your ketchup portions. Sometimes this involves even skipping meals. With that said, exercising is also an integral part of a weight loss plan. Walking, running, or any cardio exercise for that matter, burns a good amount of calories from food and fat stores. The combination of calorie restriction and exercising can create chaos in your body causing your body automatically go in “survival mode.” For some reason, our bodies are hardwired to assume food is scarce and signals to keep its fat stores to survive. Your body also assumes it might need to hike up 100+ miles over the hill and back to find food. It is strange, but true! Your body naturally keeps the fat stores just in case it needs it to burn as a source of energy thus, creating a weight loss plateau. Nothing is more frustrating than being 5 pounds shy of reaching your goal weight! Here’s a simple solution… give your body what it wants, in moderation.

Why you Should Cheat on your Diet 

Cheating on your diet here and there gives your body the extra calories it wants to avoid starvation mode and to finally let those love handles disappear! For cheat meals to be beneficial, you have to stay focused on a healthy weight loss diet plan and stay consistent with exercising. Doing this gives your body the chance to rest while giving you the willpower to stick to your weight loss plan.

Cheat with Caution

Be careful not to fall back into bad habits. It’s hard eating a cheat meal and not to do a complete turn around. Cheating on your healthy diet can provide feelings of comfort, security, and celebration. Scheduling cheat meals on certain days or events can help you stick to your weight loss plan. If you know your best friend is having a birthday party dinner with adult drinks at a restaurant, you could plan this date to be your cheat meal. Cheat meals can be effective for you as long as you don’t think it will cause a total relapse to bad food choices, more power to you!

Just for laughs…

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